Are you tired of eating horrible and feeling same that way also.
Did you grow up eating what you wanted when you wanted and now it’s affecting your life style or health?
True Blue Menu has the solution for you with our easy and affordable meal plans fit for each individual. I want to make sure you get the most out of each day of your life with more energy better breathing lower cholesterol and blood pressure and a new waist line that your going to feel good about!
Each meal plan we offer will benefit anyone and everyone in many healthy positive ways. Come give it a try, what do you have to lose except a few unwanted pounds of body fat and a better healthier more energetic you!!!

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Jingle Bells Holiday Special 


2-Week Sampler
Just $13.33 per meal!
No extended commitment- Try out TrueBlue, See your Results, Feel the Relief, Commit to Change.

Available only through the holidays! Sign up yourself and/or a loved one. What a life-changing present!

Call 1-800-664-6853 to get started or for more information.

Meal plan 1: $199.95 That’s
only $39.99 per day. You get three meals a day, five days a
week….this plan is geared for the individual who just doesn’t have time
to cook and would like to eat healthy but not really so concerned with
there calorie intake, but still would like to lose a few pounds or
tighten up a bit.
Meal Plan
Price: $199.95

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Meal plan 2: $249.95 That’s
only $49.99 per day. You get four meals a day, five days a
week….this plan is a bit more altered to your calorie intake for the day
and focuses on body composition and getting your body fat down to your
goal weight/body fat %.
Meal Plan 2
Price: $249.95

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Meal plan 3: $489.93 That’s
only $69.99 per day. You get five meals a day seven day a week….This
Meal Plan is what we suggest after completing the 21 day challenge which
is very similar but more advanced in the dialing in of the diet. This
is also a step up from our other 2 meal plans, which we offer 7 days a
week and 5 meals a day. We also offer more variety with seafood and very
lean meats that we cannot offer with our other 2 plans. Give it a try;
worst thing that could happen is that you feel like a better more
improved you!
Meal Plan 3
Price: $489.93

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The 21 Day Challenge: $1259.79
That’s only $59.99 per day. This is the ultimate meal plan for anyone
who’s up for a “challenge” and or has the “discipline” to keep up
with a new healthy eating life style for 21 days without cheating or
binging! This is not for the weak minded or one who does not have
discipline. Once you finish your 21 days then you will have the option
to move on to any of our other meal plans along with a 20% discount (for life)
and a free T-shirt saying you have survived the 21 day challenge. This
will not only cut costs down for you with your next meal plan, you will
also be a member of True Blue Menu as well. This is the best way to keep yourself on track for any obstacle’s you may come upon in the future!
21 Day Challenge
Price: $1259.79

Promo Code (optional)

It is a hectic and fast paced life we live in and don’t have lots of
time to keep up with the things that mean the most to us and keep us
going with day-to-day activities. I hope that each person who does
inspire to become a better and healthier you, that you never put a price
tag on your own health and continue with success long after you have
used our services!!!

All meal plans can be 5 or 7 days a week.
Todd C. Tanso
CEO and Chef

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